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Patient Liaison

Job Overview

Purpose of Post

To deliver a consistent, high quality, positive patient experience for all patients. To act as the hospital commercial ambassador aligned to Optegra’s priorities forbrand, revenue generation and patient satisfaction.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

       Provide a dedicated service escorting the patient through the pathway, with a focus on the right specialty for that patient, thus ensuring that the patient receives a consistent service irrespective of Consultant.

       Provide detailed information in the appropriate speciality to the patient, and ensure thorough explanations are provided around treatment options, answering patient questions as they arise.

       Always provide an excellent level of service to patients in conjunction with clinical teams whilst ensuring that opportunities to improve service are identified and followed upon.

       Time-manage efficient running of allocated sessions and associated Surgeons.

       Deliver KPIs as set by CEM during the performance review process.

       Responsible for ensuring that patients who attend initial appointments, and are suitable for surgery, choose Optegra for their procedure (‘patient conversion’). Ratesof patient conversion expected will be defined as part of the objective settingprocess.

       Ensure compliance with relevant pre-authorisation processes

       Undertake patient satisfaction feedback, taking action where necessary to resolve issues.

       Manage patient complaints at source, escalating where relevant

       Ensure proactive follow up with patients who have not booked surgery after initial appointment to establish reasons and/or secure a booking as appropriate.

       Understand the reasons for non-attendance at appointments; develop and implement effective strategies and actions to reduce levels of non-attendance.

       Confirm date/time of appointments to all patients ‘x’ days in advance of appointment

       Contribute to the design and execution of Open Evenings to promote Optegra services andgenerate patient interest.

       Ensure compliance with policies and processes related to payments and communicate to patients as needed.



Essential Criteria

Desirable Criteria

Technical and Professional Competence

This area is all about having all the technical/specialist skills to perform the job effectively.

·  Strong background in customer service and sales

·  Strong commercial and business acumen

·  Expert understanding and of the whole Pathway, including features and benefits

·  Highly proficient in relevant PC/systems skills

·  Ophthalmic experience is an advantage but not essential

·  Private sector healthcare experience

Service Excellence

This is about doing all you can to satisfy and where possible exceed the expectations of the wide range of both internal customers and external patients and customers you deal with. (Internal customers means everyone at work to whom you provide a service and includes your colleagues and people in other Departments. External customers are all external suppliers, partners and members of the public.)

·  Operates as the ‘customer champion’, escorting the patient through their whole pathway

·  Consistent professional attitude demonstrated to all colleagues and customers; personable, confident and articulate at all times

·  Personal positive presentation


This is all about everybody making the effort to communicate with patients and employees at all levels in an appropriate, thoughtful and timely manner.

·  Is a confident, assertive communicator, with the ability to make points clearly without over-ruling others

·  Uses compelling, logical and clear reasoning to influence others to their way of thinking

·  Demonstrates high level of empathy and emotional intelligence to promote strong relationship with patients

·  Ensures discussions are closed with clear understanding on all sides

·  Builds exceptional relationships with all internal and external customers

Problem solving and decision making

This is all about looking for ways to overcome and learn from problems and challenges that arise.

·  Excellent problem solving and analytical skills


Planning and organising

This is all about making the best use of the time you have available to you to do your job, working in an organised manner and planning to ensure you achieve your agreed work goals.

·  Highly organised, with clear forward planning and can operate in a way to flex according to customer needs where appropriate

·  Effective prioritisation

·  Self-motivated

·  Flexible and open to change



This is all about people working together effectively to achieve more than they possibly could working individually.

·  Works positively and co-operatively with all members of the team

·  Motivated to achieve team success

·  Uses independent role within the team to look for opportunities to enhance team-working

Developing self and others

This is all about being prepared to continually learn to better yourself and being prepared to help others to learn and develop to achieve their full potential.

·  Constantly looking for opportunities to develop self and improve performance

·  Shares ideas for improvement across the team

·  Supports colleagues with their development where appropriate

·  Continuous professional development

·  Brings fresh ideas from outside Optegra into the business

Company Overview

Our passion is eyes, that’s why we have 7 dedicated Optegra hospitals which only look after eyes!
We started out with the aim of perfection. Our founder underwent eye surgery and afterwards thought “I can do better” and so Optegra was born with a commitment to provide the best eye health care possible. Our trust pilot scores shout as much – we’re the UK’s most trusted eye care provider!
On the note of striving for perfection, we’re a proud pioneer in eye healthcare in the UK. In fact, we have our very own eye sciences department which is constantly researching new technologies, partnering with leading UK universities across the country – searching for the best outcome for our patients.
We believe that our patients are individuals and are all special, so we ensure that each and every one has a consultation when they visit us. Our consultants are highly respected in their fields, are NHS trained and are all members of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. We care passionately about our employees and those who partner with us by providing training so that we continue to beat the leading edge of our field, whether that be inside the hospitals working with patients, our optom referral partners or at head office where we work hard to support our network of hospital colleagues.