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Theatre / Scrub Nurse

North London
Job Overview
Purpose of Post


To be responsible for participating in all aspects of the Ophthalmic Surgical pathway at Optegra.


Provide excellent care to all patients, with specific responsibility for providing skilled clinical and technical assistance as a member of the operating theatre team, and also may include peri-operative and post-operativecare in the surgical and refractive suite of the hospital, and assisting with minor operations.                


To ensure a comprehensive level of care provision ensuring the patient is regularly updated to encompass change and will deliver highly skilled patient-centered care to all ophthalmic patients within the hospital. 


Assist in maintaining an‘out of hours’ emergency patient service for quality standards and continuityo f care.   They will adhere to the principles of clinical governance and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to assist in providing the most efficient and effective level of service



Essential Criteria

Desirable Criteria

Technical and Professional Competence

This area is all about having all the technical/ specialist skills to perform the job effectively.


· Registered General Nurse or Operating Department Practitioner

·  Current NMC/ HCP  registration

·  Evidence of ongoing professional development

· Registered Nurse 1st level registration with theatre course or equivalent experience, or, ODP Level 3 NVQ in Operating department practice, or, ODA  City and Guilds 752

·  Computer and IT skills i.e. good working knowledge of Microsoft Office

·  Awareness of responsibilities in relation to NMC Professional Code of Conduct

·  Awareness of role of CQC

·  Qualification in Ophthalmology or Peri operative care

· Previous experience in Ophthalmology Theatre

·  Experience of managing patients undergoing conscious sedation

·  Previous ILS training

· Awareness of other key regulatory guidance, e.g. Health and Social Care Act (2012) AFPP guidelines (2011)

·  General knowledge of clinical governance

Service Excellence

This is about doing all you can to satisfy and where possible exceed the expectations of the wide range of both internal customers and external patients and customers you deal with. (Internal customers means everyone at work to whom you provide a service and includes your colleagues and people in other Departments. External customers are all external suppliers, partners and members of the public.)


· Displays the organisational shared values

· Commitment to service excellence

·  Caring and empathetic nature




This is all about everybody making the effort to communicate with patients and employees at all levels in an appropriate, thoughtful and timely manner.


· Effective written and oral communications skills


Problem solving and decision making

This is all about looking for ways to overcome and learn from problems and challenges that arise.


· Ability to problem solve, anticipate and prioritise appropriately

· Demonstrates a proactive, positive and optimistic attitude using common sense approach


·  Ability to deal with challenging situations

Planning and organising

This is all about making the best use of the time you have available to you to do your job, working in an organised manner and planning to ensure you achieve your agreed work goals.

·  Flexibility in working pattern to meet the needs of the service

·  Flexible, pragmatic and articulate

· Demonstrates ability to work under pressure

·  Ability to adapt to change within working situations


This is all about taking full responsibility for leading others to achieve the goals and objectives of Optegra.



· Experience of teaching and supervising others


This is all about people working together effectively to achieve more than they possibly could working individually.


·  Ability to work well in a team but also without direct supervision

·  Confident with senior colleagues, clinicians and key suppliers


Developing self and others

This is all about being prepared to continually learn to better yourself and being prepared to help others to learn and develop to achieve their full potential.


· Willingness to undertake appropriate training and development


Company Overview

Our passion is eyes, that’s why we have 7 dedicated Optegra hospitals which only look after eyes!
We started out with the aim of perfection. Our founder underwent eye surgeryand afterwards thought “I can do better” and so Optegra was born with acommitment to provide the best eye health care possible. Our trust pilot scoresshout as much – we’re the UK’s most trusted eye care provider!
On the note of striving for perfection, we’re a proud pioneer in eye healthcarein the UK. In fact, we have our very own eye sciences department which isconstantly researching new technologies, partnering with leading UKuniversities across the country – searching for the best outcome for ourpatients.
We believe that our patients are individuals and are all special, so we ensurethat each and every one has a consultation when they visit us. Our consultantsare highly respected in their fields, are NHS trained and are all members ofthe Royal College of Ophthalmologists. We care passionately about our employeesand those who partner with us by providing training so that we continue to beatthe leading edge of our field, whether that be inside the hospitals workingwith patients, our optom referral partners or at head office where we work hardto support our network of hospital colleagues.