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Day Surgery Manager

Job Overview

Job Purpose:

Responsible for the management and activity of the Department in line with departmental policies, practice standards, regulation and governance in order to provide high quality, cost effective care that puts the patient first at all times.  There is an on-call commitment associated with this role.

Clinical Staff – Key Performance Criteria



Clinical Services

  • Liaise with Consultants to assess, plan, implement and evaluate programmes of care for patients undergoing theatre procedures.
  • Effectively monitor and manage all resources in theatre and wards, including workforce planning, efficiency of theatre lists etc.
  • Provide effective deployment of resources needed to sustain agreed activity
  • Empower staff to deliver high quality care through high professional standards at all times demonstrated by adherence to nationally recognised policies/procedures and NMC Code compliance and AfPP standards
  • Adhere to the legislative requirements of the statutory bodies in relation to the provision of care
  • As part of the senior management team, contribute to the strategic direction and operational management of the hospital
  • Represent the department for nursing/clinical issues at management meetings

People Management

  • Accountable for all direct reports, nurses, ODP’s and support workers (HCT’s)
  • Provide direction and highly visible professional leadership for all staff in the Operating Theatre and ward including appraisals, rotas, development, retention and recruitment.
  • Foster a culture of professionalism and development for all nursing, ODP and non-clinical staff through induction, supervision, appraisal, mandatory training, CPD, etc.
  • Resolves any workplace conflict in a professional manner through the correct organisational processes

    Measurable Outcomes

  • 100% appraisals conducted
  • 100% clinical staff completed mandatory training


  • Support the Head of Clinical Services in planning and maintaining clinical departmental budget ensuring budgetary requirements are met
  • Manage efficiencies i.e. manage the departmental budget to control costs and monitor effective use of resources
  • With the Operations Controller, build effective controls to ensure the department’s KPI’s and financial targets are achieved
  • Monitor and manage on an ongoing basis, the use of consumables to ensure efficiency and cost containment are maximised and appropriate for current occupancy and case mix.

    Measurable Outcomes

  • Budgets are met
  • Consumables costs are contained in line with budget & targets

Communication, Consultation & Change

  • Maintain a safe, healthy and supportive work environment by communicating relevant policies and guidelines to all staff
  • Encourage contribution from the team via regular meetings and open communication etc.
  • Foster an environment which encourages staff to raise concerns to ensure that all clinical staff can be open and honest with patients and colleagues embracing the duty of candour at all levels within the company.

    Measurable Outcomes

  • Minutes of regular staff meetings available for audit

Clinical Governance, Quality & Patient Safety

  • Work with the consultant body to ensure a culture of high quality care and candour is embedded and visible through the Quality and Governance agenda. This includes monitoring effectiveness.
  • Ensure effective management of any records which are required are kept in accordance with professional, company, regulatory and legislative needs.
  • Ensure effective Clinical Governance, Quality and Patient Safety policies & procedures are in place commensurate with legislation, CQC guidance and the aspiration of the organisation
  • Ensure systems & processes are in place so that all departmental staff are aware of the organisation’s policies and procedures and their application to the specific needs of patients and the organisation.
  • Ensure Infection prevention and control policies are up to date, and reflect best practice within the department
  • Ensure departmental audits are carried out, outcomes acted upon and shared
  • Ensure effective processes and procedures are in place to identify, report, investigate, monitor and act upon critical incident reports.
  • Foster a culture of learning from critical incidents to ensure lessons learned are disseminated according to company policy

    Measurable Outcomes

  • Annual quality and risk management plans are completed and updated
  • CQC audit results are reviewed and action plans developed as required to address any recommendations
  • 100% Incident reports are completed effectively and root cause analysis completedwhere indicated

Personal & Professional Development

  • Demonstrate commitment to the profession through continued registration with professional body
  • Participate in appraisal, continuing professional development and supervision as required by professional Codes.
  • Provide effective motivation, monitoring and management of the clinical team
  • Understand and adhere to the companies values and principles

    Measurable Outcomes

  • NMC / HPC revalidation achieved


Technical/professional competence

Registered General Nurse with NMC or ODP registered with the HPC or working towards or attained NVQ3

Comprehensive understanding of relevant clinical standards (e.g. AFPP standards) and regulatory frameworks applicable to the hospital and department

Exposure in a senior role to Consultants, Physicians, allied health professionals, patients and suppliers

Previous leadership experience within a day surgical and /or operating theatre environment


Service Excellence

Continually examine opportunities for continuous clinical improvement and develop and maintain a culture of change in line with best practice

Ensure that the hospital puts patients at the centre of all decision making to facilitate excellent patient experience

Demonstrate knowledge and actively embrace all legislative requirements and UK standards that relate to the company, implementing and supporting evidence based clinical practice



Provides clear direction that is fair, unbiased, and consistent

Foster a culture of trust, transparency and transformation


Problem Solving and Decision Making

Proven problem solving and analytical skills

Able to anticipate and mitigate issues of a given course of action / decision


Planning and Organising

Able to manage multiple, and often competing, priorities and can support team members in doing the same



Demonstrates the vision and ability to make business decisions and takes responsibility for their outcomes.

Inspires people to achieve organizational goals and leads by example

Ability to lead a team of varied professional levels

Ability to operate at both operational and managerial levels

Facilitation and coaching, with ability to act as a mentor



Ability to lead a team of varied professional levels


Developing Self and Others

Provide Clinical Supervision to more junior professionals to ensure they meet clinical standards

Foster a culture of professionalism and development for all nursing, ODP and non-clinical staff through induction, supervision, appraisal, mandatory training, CPD, etc. 

Develop & maintain a network of professional contacts to keep abreast of innovation and best practice in nursing care relevant to the role & organisation.